Tutorial by Opsite: How to create your own party decoration


I propose to make your own party decoration.
Chinese lanterns are originals and easy to create.

They look like:

 I put them as a banner:

 Here is the tutorial

How to create your own Chinese paper lantern

Step 1
Cut a reclangle. The size is 10.5 x 15 cm.
Fold it in half (your rectangle’s size is now 5.25 x 15cm)
Fold it by hands preferably to avoid a strong crease

Step 2
Draw a line 3.5 cm from the folded side with a pencil. This will give you a gridline that you will erase later on
Put marks every centimetres on the pencil line
(Look at the Schema 1)
Step 3
Cut with sissors all the dashed lines in the Schema 1

Step 4
Erase the pencil lines
Unfold the lantern. Glue the end of rectangle to create a tube (the first and the last fringe are glued one over the other)

Step 5
Cut another rectangle. Its size is 15 x 8.5 cm.
As you prefer, choose a harmonious or a contrast color.
Roll it and put it inside the lantern.
Staple the side.
Slide the lantern along the interior tub and staple the other side.

Step 6
Cut a 22 cm piece of baker twine and glue it to the inside tube of the lantern.

Step 7
Add masking tape all around the edges of the lantern.

Show us your lanterns!!

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