TN & Layout with Marivi

It is great to be able to store our photos and memories as we do, I mean us scrapers, I don't know, as not everyone does, really. It is wonderful to work surrounded by precious materials.

We can do it in different ways PL, TN, MINI, Layout, as the inspiration comes that day.

Like today a TN page and a layout.

On this page I have made a pocket with one of the LET'S PARTY papers. I have placed some colored tags, but I can also put more different photos of the same moment or something that reminds you of that day or that specific moment.

In the pocket I have stuck a badge and a couple of stickers.

With the photo I have stapled a piece of paper with a heart.

I have decorated the photo with one of the stamps from the collection.

For the layout I have used the other collection DON'T GROW UP

I have used one of the cards that I have cut out of one of the papers I have pasted on different decorations.
In the background I have stamped a flower.

Another of the cards I have stamped and sewn.

When I sew small pieces I sew them loose and then glue them, so I can move or rectify them.

At the bottom I have created a border with different stamps.

I hope you like them and see you soon!


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