Hello, today I'll show you my latest project with the series BOM DIA.

How do you feel about scrapbooking challenges? I like them a lot because they give you a different input when you do scrapping.

The task with this project was to bring something to the project with sewing. I have a very nice typewriter, but I also prefer the hand-sewn look. So I decided to decorate my journaling cards with a few hand stitches.

First I cut nine white cards size 3x4 inch from a white cardstock. I cut a card from the collection diagonally and stuck two cards on each. With my piercing tool and the mat I pre-punched the holes and then embroidered a line diagonally with some golden thread. I think the gold goes very well with the blue of the cards and looks very classy.

I cut a few objects out of the printed cardstock with shells and starfish by hand and used them to decorate the cards.

For the card in the middle of the page, I also embroidered a row by hand along the stripes, for the second row I sewed in a few more sequins.

I hope I could give you some inspiration again? take care of yourself and stay healthy.

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