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I love the new collection DAYDREAM. All the papers seem to shout: Spring! Yay!
(And I love spring! It’s my favored season. The light and the sun are coming back, plants and flowers wake up and the whole world shines in pastel colors. 
Like the new papers do :-)

I worked with the DAYDREAM notebook edition inside my notebooks.
And I used a 12“ paper of the collection for the outside in combination with the new stamps.
It came out like this:

Sneak peek: In my first spread I used a lot of stickers of the plannerlove stickers. I’m sure they are perfect in planners – but they are perfect for traveler’s notebooks too!
The stickers will be available soon in the shop!

The plannerlove stickers in combination with "here and now" clear stickers: 

The photo on the right side inspired the whole layout of the second spread:

I arranged the stamps like the pillows on the photo and added a lot of flowers and dots like they are on the tablecloth. 

The products I used (You can click on the words to find them in the shop):

DAYDREAM - on the tree/ in the garden - scrapbook paper

Plannerlove - stickers (soon available, have a look here: NEWS)

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