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Hi Crafters,

Hubby and i are married for almost 11 years now.
We had a nice small wedding with a great location and with some of our nearest family members
and best friends...

What we did not have was a good photographer.
I really don't like the pictures she took over the day.
Fortunately we had a good friend with us that also took pictures, and so there are some
pictures that really show us und some intimate moments.

But those pictures from the phtographer are the reason why we do not have a wedding album yet.

It is time to chance this.
And as i saw the new DAYDREAM-Collection i knew which papers and stuff i want to use.

With this lovely stuff the first layout was really easy to make.

DAYDREAM - on the tree / in the garden - scrapbook paper
DAYDREAM - pinewood / net - scrapbook paper
DAYDREAM -Notebook edition - set of 12 papers 10x21 cm
Flowers - sticker set
"Daydream" - stamp set # 89

Have a great day and a sunny weekend

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