"My love" Watercolor-Calendar-Minibook | Stephanie B.

Hello Cuties,

Stephanie is here - and today i want to show you the little Watercolor-Minibook-Photo-Calender i made with pictures from last year...

Therefor you need one selfie of every month of the past year.
You need a lot of ADORE-stuff from the Studio Forty Shop, watercolors, paint, some
cardboard and two bookrings...

I love the idea and i think i will do this again next year....

This is the material:
I love You - stamp set # 85
Adore -small stamp set # 14
Flags - sticker set
little One - sticker set
Adore - banner stickers
My 12 months - journaling cards

This is the outside:

And this is all of the inside:

Hope you enjoyed it.

Have a great week

xoxo, Stephanie

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