Children of Winter... | Stephanie B.

Hello you all out there,

first of all - i want to wish you a happy and healthy 2019.
Hope you all had a good start.

Today i want to show you a layout with a speciall background paper.

The Paper ist made with stamps - with almost one stamp.

For the background i took "my favorite season" stamp out of the cute "Cuddles Stamp set"
and stamped it all over the paper - i stamped it 4 or 5 times without taking new stamp color.
I love the effect.

Then i put transparant paper over it (the paper is not transparent at all, it is paper that architects
are using for their sketches) and fixed it with my sewing machine. so background becomes a little

One page "JUST CHILLIN paper - sparkle / icerink" as a frame in the back.
A paper cuttet wreath in front... some sparkles....ready.
a quick and easy page.

xoxo, Stephanie

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