Boys life`s layouts

Hello, scrapfriends! Irina is here.
I have two sons! It's cool, I tell you. And, as you can guess, I often create layouts for them and about them! Today I will show you two layouts about my boys.
The first layout is devoted to a hugs. I wanted to make a cozy and sweet layout, because my boys are so small!
It is based on the autumn collection!

and you see how great the winter stamps here!

I really like that the different collections are perfectly combined!

And now my second layout! I really like stamping! In this work it is the most important. I used stamps for the autumn and winter collections. They fit perfectly!
Just see how great the snowflakes soar.

 Also in this layout very useful transparent stickers!

I wrote journaling by pen and ink. My layout  about the eldest son is ready!

I use:

Enjoy your creativity with Studio Forty!

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