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Hi everyone, it’s Jana here. I think it’s time for another mini album. As before, the grandparents came to visit us and yet again I made this album for them, putting all of the wonderful memories together. 

Everyone has a scrap idol. In my case, I used to be very inspired by Stephanie Bryan who is now more into photo shooting than memory keeping. At the moment, I admire all the clean and sweet projects made by Steffi Ried. She is a mini album queen (in my eyes) and I was dying to try a tall album. 

The material I used is from the Magic Fall collection which is a brilliantly combined pallete of soft colours, watercolour designs and very cute graphic pictures. 

The album is approximately 3 inches wide (closed) and 8 inches tall. I wanted to work with Project Life card size and fit two on one side. The cover of the album is very simple and came together as the last bit (I always intend to do the cover in a very decorated manner and yet usually end up with a very simple design). 

And this is how the album looks when opened. On the left hand side there is an accordion mini album with birthday pictures and a little envelope in which there are lots and lots of pictures of our baby. I love envelopes! So much to put in! On the right hand side you can see a waterfall mini album. This came together at first because of the sewing. If I had a sewing machine this wouldn’t take long, but I don’t so it did :). So basically, this mini album is like three in one – three different types of albums within one.

The accordion mini album and birthday theme.

The little envelope with lots of pictures

The waterfall album and our visit to botanical garden. The pictures go with this collection so nicely!

Some wooden chipboards and brilliant paper chipboards.

Photo on vellum

washi tapes and stickers

Transparent stickers. I am usually very lazy to get out stamps so it’s transparent stickers to the rescue!

Vellum and some drawing using white marker. This one is pretty easy and very effective. I used the leave pattern paper to trace all the sleeves on vellum.

More stickers and even some stamps.

I can’t wait to give to the grandparents. These kinds of presents are simply the best – I enjoy making them, they love getting them. Win – win.

Have a lovely autumn.

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