Lovely Bookworm | Stephanie B.

Hey you all out there,

it is me, Stephanie, again.

Today i want to show a Layout and a card, which where really relaxing to make,
'cause i was sitting and watching a good film while cutting little Moons and Stars
and fall leaves...

Because todays theme is "fuzzy cutting...."
You all should know it right now, because everyone ist cutting flowers and leaves and other little
pieces at the moment.

And so am i...

First i cut a lot of stars and some moons for this layout:

This is what i used for this layout:
Fairytales - stamp set # 76
Carpe Diem- banner stickers
Magic - stamp set # 78 Summer travelove -succulents 02
Kraftcardstock, Edding, Nailpolish and Doilies


And of course i made a card - a special fall card:

This is what i used for this card:
Carpe Diem- banner stickers
Fairytales - stamp set # 76
Kraftcardstock, Edding, Nailpolish

Hope you have as much fun as i had while being crafty with fuzzy cutting...

xoxo, Stephanie

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