Fussy Cutting⎪Heidi Ma

Today it's my turn to show you some fussy cutting, and because it's me, Heidi, I'll do it in combination with traveler's notebooks ;-)
It's so easy - all you need is a little bit of patience and a small pair of scissors (precision scissors or detail scissors). 

Lots of those wonderful papers from Studio Forty have patterns with little pictures - even the papers of the notebook edition:

If you would like to know, how I made the background of this page:
add watercolour and water and choose some caps. You can use different sizes. Dip the cap into the color...

...and turn it around carefully while printing it on the paper because the water don’t sticks all around.

To add some splashes just tap on the brush.

Of course you can also do some fussy cutting with stamps!

I chose the tiny and oh-so-cute leavestamps.

I layered them on this page and I love the effect:

So: grab your scissors... ;-)

This is what I used for the first page:

Magic - stamp set #78Magic Fall- transparent stickers

And this is what I used for the second:

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