Minibook "Sundaytrip with friends" | Stephanie B.

Hello Ladies (and Gentleman ;-)

i know you all have already seen the super cute new "magic fall" collection from StudioForty.
Isn't it lovely?
I was so excited as i got it - and i instandly knew what i wanted to do with.

We went on a short trip with friends some month ago in spring (i know it is the "magic Fall" collection, but it is also perfect for spring - i love it) and i wanted to make a minibook with
all the photos we took over there.

And the new stuff is perfect for this.

So i made a special accordion book out of envelopes and with so extra space for some more photos.

At first i stuck all the envelopes together. Each of them contrarious of course - so that you get the special accordionfold.

Then i added some pieces of cardboard for the front- and the backside, wich i decorated first.

And then - the best all - decorating the insides with all this great stuff.
This is what it looks like at the end.

i wanted to add some extra photos, so i took a piece of paper and fold in in half, and then
added my pictures and sewed onto one fold of the minibook (between to pages).

Oh i so love this collection. Hope you like it too? Hugs, Stephanie

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