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Traveler’s Notebooks and stamps fit together perfectly!
I often stamp in my Traveler’s Notebook – and I often use alpha stamps  to stamp titles or text. 

The alphabeth stamp set Lucie is so cute – I love it! 
Therefore I have 2 pages to share with you which are made with this stamp set:

Did you see that the color of the stamps matches to the photo? I like this nice effect :-)
Most of the time I choose black ink - but stamping in color is so much fun!

If you want to have a word centered, start stamping with the letter in the middle of the word. (Not all letters a equal in their width, but it helps nevertheless.)

 Here's the second one, stamped in 2 different colors:

I used the alpha stamps as a pattern for a kind of background.
To get it like this I drow some lines with a pencil and rezed them out later.

Fortunately I could stuck all letters (of the small word) on the acrylic stamp block together, because I didn’t need a letter twice times for the word ELPHI.... 
The long word is stamped letter for letter.

So, what about you?
For what projects do you use alpha stamps?
Do you use colored ink or only black?


Used for this projects: (Click on the words for the link in the shop)

"Lucie " - alphabet stamp set

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