Travell themed Layout and card | Stephanie B.

Hello lovely crafters out there,

it's me again - and today i want to show you a travel themed Layout - and a quick card.

First of all - the Layout.
Therefor i prepared a huge travel themed title with my silhouette.

These are the materials i took for this layout:
Studio Forty - paper MAGIC FALL - sweather weather / magic forest
Studio Forty - Leaves -small stamp set # 10
Studio Forty - Summer travelove - Travel bags - suitcases
Studio Forty - Summer travelove -I was here - subtitles
Studio Forty - Summer travelove -around the world
Studio Forty - Summer travelove-english translations
Leisure time- transparent stickers White

And a super quick travel themed card..

Studio Forty - "Relax" stamp set # 70
Studio Forty "Sending Smiles" Stamp

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