Today I return with my notebook and two pages.
The first a photo of the beach with some notes at the bottom.
On the other page I have decorated a label with a small pattern and I have punched out a PL card

I have finished with some small details to give it a little color.

With another stamp ,stamped on a piece of paper that I later cut out ,to paste as an ornament.

For the next one, with a piece of paper pasted on both pages as a background, I have pasted the photo and a card.

In the photo I have glued a chipboard and a small banner.
I have also printed a little bird.

And in the other corner I have stamped a small heart and next to it I have glued an enamel dot, I have also splashed gold.

I hope you like them and that you are having a happy summer!
See you soon!


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