Embroidery with Studio Forty

Hello Studio Forty fans! 
How are you all doing this summer?

I have today, something different to show you.

The plant stamp set from Here and there collection

is an adorable set of stamps. 
I wanted to do something more with the set. 

Here is the embroidery work I have made from them.

Stamped them all on line, and the sentiment on the top.

I have used some up-cycled beads. They are made from the glass bottles. 

TO  be honest, I am not that great embroiderer. But it was a good fun and turned out to be good enough to hang on my walls. 

Cactus look very cute.

 Using glass beads was a good idea.

Loved the stamps. How about using a stamp set as a trace pattern for embroideries?
It will shorten your time, and gives some inspirations! 

 Thank you very much for staying with me until the end. 
Hope you liked it. 
See you next time!


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