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 Hi my friends! how are you? Today is my time to show you a mini album, and for this special projects we decided to gift you a tutorial! I hope you like and inspire you! Nordica is one of my favorite collection, and designing this album has been a real pleasure for me!

So enjoy the project! Let's start: 

Cut chipboard: 
15x12 cm (x2)
3x12 cm (x2)
3,5x12 (1)

Leave about 3mm between one chipboard and the other proceed by attaching the pieces in the following order starting from left to right 15x12cm / 3x12cm / 15x12cm / 3x12cm / 3,5x12cm (PHOTO 1)

Cut out 14x15cm pattern paper and attach the first three pieces of chipboard

With the same card I cut 15x10,5cm and attack the other 3 pieces of chipboard (PHOTO 3)

I finish the cover and the back cover with 12x15cm patten paper and internal cover with paper pad 11x30cm (PHOTO 4) 

Instal the closure button

SHEET 1: 30x11.5cm - fold at 13.7cm and 16.2cm
SHEET 2: 26x11.5cm - fold  at 13.5cm and 15.5cm
SHEET 3: 24x11.5cm - fold  at 15cm and 16.5cm
(PHOTO 5) 
SHEET 4: 26x11.5 cm - fold  at 15cm and 16cm
+ flip back cover inside 10x11.5 crease on the 11.5cm 1cm side and notch on chipboard
INTERNAL THICKNESS POCKET: 9X16.5 - cut two squares along the long side of 3x3 cm - cord at 2cm and 3cm I do the same thing also on the two short sides - fold (PHOTO 7/8) 

Prepare an internal pocket measuring 13, x9cm - fold 1cm on the 13.5cm side and two on the 9cm side, attach with the open side inwards (PHOTO 6) 

And now is't time to decorate your album with paper, photo and all embellishments you want! 

I hope you'r like it and we can't wait to see your projects with new collection! Discover it on website and on Instagram and Facebook! 

Kiss Elena 

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