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Hello eveyone! How is your summer? To show you a little bit of our summer I decided to create a minialbum from the BOM DIA collection. And it's a sort of a display minialbum that can stand on your table and you can switch between the photos. This album is actually for me and I shall put it on my desk at work.

To create such an album you will need a thick cardstock (I used 1 mm cardboard), your favorite paper collection and book rings. The album base is made from two pieces of cardboard sized 4 x 4,5 inchech and two pieces sized 4 x 1 inch. To cover the base with paper you will need paper 5 inches wide and 12 inches long. Yout place the cardboard on the paper in this order: 4 x 4,5 piece, 4 x 1 piece, 4 x 1 piece and 4 x 4,5 piece. To cover it you will need another pieces of cardstock seized 3 7/8 x 11 1/8 inches. Here you can see how the album looks like from the side.

Next you make two holes in the upper part of the album and I also added eyelets in the holes. You put two book rings into the holes and the album base is ready. Now you make the pages. Each of the pages is 3 1/4 wide and 4 3/8 high. And it's only up to you how you fill your pages. I filled my pages with photos - one photo on each side.

You can add whatever embelishment on the rings you wish. I used velum and crossed-stitched the anchor and also I used velum to creeate a mini star-shaker. The possibillities are endless.

To embelish your pages you can use chipboards, cut outs, labels, stickers, strings, flowers ... whatever comes to your mind. But the thicker the album gets, the bigger book rings you will need.
FINAL TIP: You can use this album base over and over again - you will only change the pages in the album.

Have a great summer!

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