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Hello everyone! Today I'd like to share with you a first part from my new Traveler's Notebook. Last year we went for a cycling trip to South Bohemia together with my brother and his family and our dad. We spent a week in a country house and were cycling, relaxing and enjoying moments together. I used the new Documenter Kit that contains everything you need to track your memories.

The very first day was the traveling day and on the way to our final destination we went to Tábor - a small town in South Bohemia. There's a famous café shop and they make their own homemade ice cream which gained an European Award ... So it's said to be the best ice cream in the Czech Republic. It was really delicious! And in the afternoon we finaly reached our accomodation.

In my traveler's notebooks I usually use a lot of photos so I love using paper cards as a photo mats or I cut them into smaller pieces and use only that piece or some element that I cut out. And as I have a plenty of washi tapes at home I used black and white washi tape to make the pages look unified.

The next day we went for our first cycling trip to Červená Lhota Castle. What I love the most about the new Documenter Kit are the stamps. They're perfect for making your documenting even easier. At this page I cut out the word "documented" out of one paper card - it looks great. For some additional dimension I used chipboard stickers and sequins.

As I had a lot of photos for the third day, I created a flip page in my traveler's notebook. Again we went for a cycling trip to Houstník Castle (well it's more a ruin than a castle). 

I used the stamp set from the Documenter Kit to repeatedly stamp down this frame and I wrote the day of the week in there. And I love the weather icons - one can stamp sun for sunny day or a clouds with rain for a rainy days.

I like to keep a booklets of leaflets from our trips as they can be used in my traveler's notebooks (like here the name of the castle on the pergamen). Apart from the stamp set from the kit I used other stamps from BOM DIA collection - stamp set Everyday Fun and stamp set Splash!. 

So that's my new TN project. I still have four more days to get documented. After I finish it I promise I will show it to you on Instagram in a short video.

If you're curious what's inside the NEW DOCUMENTER KIT ... here's a sneak peak ... And you will find the kit soon in Studio Forty shop.

Have a great weekend!

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