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Hello everyone! Are you enjoying sunny spring days? I certainly do but with all this Covid-19 situation we spend more time indoors than outside. But all this doesn't keep me away from documenting and memory keeping in my Big Happy Planner. Today I'd like to share with you my last doublepage - week 20. So I hope you won't get bored with my Happy Planner pages ... And although I used SO ROMANTIC collection, you will see that it doesn't have to be romantic at all ... well mybe a little.

This time I used mostly blue color (paper My Favorite/Adorable). I have to say this paper is one of my favorite because of it's delicate pattern ... well I like all the papers but this one a bit more. I tried to keep my paper design clean as my photos are colorful and vibrant. That's why I used only three different paper designs.

I filled the space on the left side of the planner with pictures I really loved this week. So I glued down a stripe of paper, added photos and wrote down "FAVORITE PHOTOS OF THE WEEK". I think that you don't have strictly follow the days in columns of the planner. It's totaly up to you. And as I didn't realy have any story to add to this pictures I just made them "my favorite ones".

And still I had too many photos this week. So I hid some of them under flip cards I made. There are three of them on the page. This is a great way how to add more pictures, photos or text on your page. Or you can use it to hide a photo, that doesn't really match your page colors. Sometimes I hide photos captured by my grandparents like this as they are not good at taking pictures.

Finally I used "LIFE IN PICTURES" stamps to create a sort of chipboards. I love playing with stamps like this. If you use stamps that contains basic shapes that are easy to cut out, you can always stamp them on a white cardstock or even a velum maybe to create additional dimension and embelishment. Use it more than once to create repeated pattern on your page.

Ok ... that was last week in our life. I'm looking forward to seeing you with my next post in June. Have a great day!

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