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Circles are a wonderful add-on for layouts in traveler's notebooks!  
You can add them to your layers of paper or you can use them (if they are big enough) as a background for your title:

If you use circles and you want them look vibrant: spread them around and let some circles overlap.

Circles and splashes of watercolor fit, don’t they? So I made the background first and then add the circles.What about to use a photo to make a circle?

Do you make a December Daily? In the last years I did, and of course I will this year. (I showed the cover in my last post.) Usually December is full of stress – there are always so many things to do! But I always try to be on the watch of the joyful moments of this season – that’s why I collect them in my December notebook! 
This time I prepared some circles with numbers from the Cozy houses- stamp set  for each day – they will help my to go on and simplify my work!

I can work with them for example like this:

Haha... Like this page. Perhaps I will do it like this? 

The products I used (You can click on the words to find them in the shop):

(Both are also part of the December Memories - Notebook/PL kit)

The numbers belong to this stamp-set: Cozy houses- stamp set #82

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