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Hi Studio Forty fans! I am going to show you 4 cards that I made with a few of the stamps today. Let´s go!

First I cut 4 pieces of watercolor paper to the size I wanted to use for these. Then I painted them super simple with hearts and an ombré version. Anyone can do this, you just use more color on the bottom of the card and then thin it out with more water as you paint upwards. For the hearts (that you will see further down in this post) you just use a thin brush and paint fat V´s :) 
When the watercolor was entirely dry (actually I waited over night) I went on to either stamp directly on the paper or I stamped on a seperate piece of watercolor paper to make a die cut peiece. 

Here is the first one. This was one of the cards where I stamped directly onto the paper. I used one of my favorite stamp sets called Make today amazing for this. 

Another cute stamp set is the Donut worry set and I knew I wanted to use it for one of the cards. For this I stamped the donut shapes on a seperate paper and just cut it out with my sissors to make a little die cut. 

For cards I really like to use my 3D glue dots to add dimension to the design.

Here you can see one of the pieces I made with the hearts. I used a soft coral color to make it not stand out so much. I wanted the stamps to be the lead figure. Ah, the Good company set is just to die for! I have used it so many times! 

I love how it turned out! I also added the little hello stamp from the Summertime set. 

And here is the last card. We had our 20th Pride parade here in Sweden this past week and I guess my watercolor hearts were inspired by the pride flag :) This background is a bit louder, so I made a clean and simple die cut for it.

Here they are all together! As you can see, I have mounted the watercolor cards on folded kraft cards. I really love how they all turned out! It is so fun to have a set of cards that you just can send out for fun!

Have a wonderful week!


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