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Hi there, Lisa here with you today! I don´t do a lot of cards, but the ones I do are really simple ones. For these I have used the beautiful wreath from one of the stamps sets.

For the cards I have used plain white cardstock that I have simply cut down to the size I need. Before I fold them up I like to stamp my motive so that I can lay the paper down really firm of the table to get a good image stamped. I have to admit that I did test stamp this wreath a few times on scraps of paper since it is a larger stamp than I usually use. The trick is to get a good amount of ink on the entire stamp and then give it a really firm push. I like to stand up at my desk when I stamp these larger motives so that I can push equally around the whole stamp. If there would be any surface that is a little less stamped I just fill it up with my pen.

For this set of cards I wanted to keep them simple just black and white. I like that they are so simple and that they go with everything! I also added stamps to two of these and the Thank you is a sticker.
You can send these as just a hello how are you mail or as a thank you note.

Or with a dozen roses ;)

Before I´ll let you go for today, I wanted to show you the cards I did the exact same way as the black and white ones above, but where I colored in the wreath with my watercolors. Look at how easily you can pretend to be a watercolor artist all thanks to the awesome stamps from Studio Forty!

Thank you so much for stopping by today!

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