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Happy Friday! Lisa here today with another spread in my travelers notebook. This time I used the two new stamp sets Days of the week and Simply Words
Of course the Days of the week set is in Polish, but I love the list portion so I can totally use the set even if I don´t speak Polish! 

My layout started with me jotting down a short list of things that makes me smile. I then traced the notebook page on copy paper. I do this sometimes both for effect and also for making it easier to stamp better when my notebook starts to fill up and become buly. I then added the super cute smile stamp to my left hand page. I put my photo there to be sure I knew where I wanted my stamp.

Then I stamped the list rectangles and added the numbers 1-5 to my right hand page. I tried to have the stamps lined up in the center of the page. I also made sure the first stamps dried a bit before I added the numbers from the set to make sure I didn´t smudge anything.

After I made sure everything was dry, I used my pencil to write in "makes me" over the smile stamp. I messed up a little (it happens!) so I ended up using some letter stickers to spell the words out.

I love the yellow from the photo, so I used yellow embellishments to go with that. I love the vibrant tone!

When I was all done, I added the loose papers to my notebook. I then curled the edged a little bit around the whole spread to add some texture.

Now when I see the spread, I want to add this layout to my list ;)

Have a wonderful weekend!


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