Documenting achievements and (job) adventures with Janna Werner

Hello crafty friends, this is Janna Werner. I am back with a new layout featuring the gorgeous Essentials Summer 2023 collection. If you didn't have the chance to check it out until now, make sure to watch my unboxing video from last month which you can find right here! Before I share the scrapbooking page, I'd like to remind you to use the code janna10 in the Studio Forty shop - this will add a 10% discount to your order.

So, today's layout is about documenting achievements or (job) adventures. Let me ask a question first: do you scrap about yourself, what you achieve or things your are good at? Do you take the time to celebrate yourself? If not, you should definitely do so! It is so much fun flipping through old pages, seeing what you have done in your life. 

Usually my layouts are about others - family, friends and pets. But I enjoy documenting my achievements like giving my first workshop or job adventures like the one I scrapped about in this layout!

After thinking about it for 2 years, I finally started a German scrapbooking podcast and I am excited, anxious, happy, scared and super enthusiastic at the same time. I am looking forward to this new adventure.

The Podcast is called 'Papiersalat auf die Ohren' which means something like 'paper salad for the ears'. Papiersalat is the name of my blog which I started 13 years ago. If you are interested in listening to me talking about the best hobby in the world, you can find the episodes on my blog.

What is your favorite scrap object or theme? And what was the craziest thing you scrapped about? Let me know in the comment section below or on Instagram and YoutubeI'd love to get in touch with you!

Please check out my other Studio Forty posts for more ideas and inspiration. 
Have fun, 

supplies used (discount code janna10)
Essential Summer 2023 Collection: alphabet stickers - sticker dots - stickers summer sweet - stickers love it - stickers chill out - transparent stickers summer stories - transparent stickers super cool - patterned papers - pastel seals - journaling cards - doublesided notebook papers - paper 07

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