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Hello my dear friends! I love January because .... there is always one or two new Studio Forty collections! And today I'm here with a little inspiration with the NEW LET'S PARTY collection. It's bright and perfect for all your happy moments and memories. I decided to use it for our "girls" diary. Basicly it's a Traveler's Notebook and each page represents one special moment - time when me and my friends had a chance to spent some time together.

I managed to make four pages. Each for one special day - either we went to a bar, or cook one for another or we spent a few days at a country cottage doing nothing but scrapbooking, eating and drinking. They're all memories from 2017.

First page is from one bar in Prague - it's called Nebe (Heaven). There were Happy Hours so we had like 4 or 5 drinks each. That night is a bit blury ... But it was great. Next picture was taken about a month later. One of our friends invited us for lunch. 

And about a month later it was my turn with cooking. It was short after I bought a new Nespresso coffee maker, so we had a delicious coffee in the afternoon too.

Either you want to document birthday party, a day in a park, a family celebration or just an ordinary day, LET'S PARTY collection is fantastic to any use. Have fun!

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