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Hello lovelys,

Today is St. Nicholas Day or "Nikolaustag" here in Germany. Its the day where every well-behaved kid (and sometimes also well-behaved adults, like my husband) who polished its shoes yesterday finds a little gift in one of them....
Do you have this tradition in your country too?

You don't need to polish your shoes for the little "gift" i leaving here for you today...

A lovely friend, Bettina, of mine posted a wonderful self made christmas decoration on her blog yesterday and i think it is something you all would like to see too.

I made some of those lovely stars too, in different sizes... And of course i took the lovely JOYFUL collection for each of mine.

Because the instructions of my friend Bettina are in german, i made an english tutorial for you.
It is super quick and easy.

You need 5 pieces of quadratic paper (mine were size 9x9cm, 10x10 cm and 15x15cm)

The tutorial is made with 9x9cm papers.

Fold the paper at 2,5cm and 6,5cm to the inside. The flaps should overlap 0,5cm.

Stick the flaps together.

Than again fold both of the longer sides at 0,5cm.

Now "open" the tunnel and fold the edges to the inside - as you can see on my pictures.

Then fold the longer side in half (at 4.5cm) and stick it together.

Then cut the piece as you can see it on the following pictures.
Please be careful - the fold should persist.

After you did this with all papers, you can stick them all together.
One on top of the other.

Then unfold and stick both ends together... finished ;-)
Lovely, right? And so easy to do.

I hope you enjoyed it.

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