Fresh Start | Stephanie B.

Hey Guys,

its me, Stephanie, and today i want to show you my newest layout which i made with
the lovely GAIA collection...

before i started my new job last year, i went to work by bus.
And every morning the bus passed a meadow - and sometimes, there was a little bit of
morning fog on it... what a lovely sight.
So i had to get out of the bus and take a picture.

With GAIA i got the perfect paper for this picture.

GAIA - Mother Earth / Cork- scrapbook paper
GAIA - Flower power / recycled- scrapbook paper
GAIA - Warm & cozy / Treasures- scrapbook paper
Nature - transparent stickers (english)
Borders - stamp set # 97
Warm & cozy - stamp set # 103
Gaia - chipboard stickers set

Have a beautiful day,
xoxo, Steffi

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