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Hi there everyone,

Stephanie is here today and this is my very first blogpost for Studio*Forty...
And i can't wait to show you what i did with the super lovely "Moonchild" stuff.

As i saw the cute feather paper i immediately know what i wanted to do...

Aren't those feathers cute?

I cut the Feather-Paper into 9 x 12 inch and sew a little piece of white cardstock on it leaving a frame.
And because the paper is so lovely and i didn't want to waste a centimeter - i cut out all the
paper that was hidden behind the cardstock.

Out of this i cut out the feather i used for the embellishment...

Some doilies, lovely Stickers ("Moonchild No 3", "Moonchild - be a dreamer" and "Love this life") and some arrow stamps ("Moonchild - Spirit of Nature") and some drops of nail polish... ready!


Moonchild Feather-Paper
Stickers Moonchild No 3
Stickers Moonchild - be a dreamer
Stickers Love this life
Stamps Moonchild - Spirit of Nature
Doilies, Nailpolish, Cardstock

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