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Hello friends, how are you doing? I'm Nuria and I'm going to kick off the 2023 publications by sharing a mini album. It's made with the folding album base and the beautiful Together collection.
The folding album is a ready-made structure from Studio Forty with white covers and pages (super white, I love them!). It's perfect for use with TN papers. Although the structure is already made, you can customise it however you like. Keep reading... ;)
This time I was inspired by the vichy background patterned paper (TN size) and the quinces drawn on one of the PL cards. I love the country feel you get when you put them together!

The mini has a double glued cover: the white and the vichy. This allowed me to layer the embellishments: I cut out several quinces, some pretty herb die cuts on white cardboard and a "Home" sticker to decorate the bottom right of the circle. On the opposite side, a lovely chipboard teapot and some herb embellishments.

Let's take a look inside! For the first two pages I have used "Memories" decorated paper. On the right one I have die-cut the word 'hi' (with lots of volume) and decorated it with herb die-cuts and puffy elements. 

On the left one, on top of "Memories" decorated paper. I have glued a white cardboard with mini pockets for the tags. The tags are made with PL cards. A cute pink sweater chipboard and the "Oh Yeah!" sticker finalise the bottom of the page. 
For the next two pages I used Gather decorated paper and (attention TIP) I created an extra flap, in white cardboard. I decorated it with two strips of decorated paper, and with one of my favourite chipboards: the teacup with the books.
On the right-hand page I have created a pocket on white card. I have embellished it with the "Think happy" decorated paper, a piece of natural string and the sticker "Magic". Then, I stamped the shape of a frame and decorated it with puffies and a few quinces.

On the last two pages I have not used decorated paper, but PL cards. With one of the larger PL cards I created the pocket on the right and with another one, which had a semicircle, I cut it out and glued it partially so that I could use it as a mini pocket for the journaling, for example. 

On the left page, the main element is a full PL card (no scissors here), like a polaroid photo. Finally, I decorated them with elements from the fall ephemera set, with floral stickers and puffies. 
Remember the TIP I mentioned before: even on a ready-made structure like the one I used in today's post, you can add other structures like covers, flaps, pockets to enrich it, if needed. ;)

Finally, you can see the back cover in the following pic.

Have a lovely week! And don't forget to have fun!


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