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 Hi everyone! Kerstin here today showing you inspirations with the awesome TOGETHER collection! Before I start, I lay out what I want to use. For this layout, I really wanted to use the GO WILD (Nature) #95 stamp. The leaves fit perfectly with this great collection!

I found a photo of a walk in the woods and really wanted to do a layout with it. For the shape of my photo I took inspiration from a TOGETHER Journaling Card.

I also got my hands on the HERBARIUM Light Chipboard Elements. I have colored them and integrated them into the layout. I like to have a colorful eye catcher.

I cut out the stamped leaves and used 3D Foam to add them to the layout. In addition, I love Enamel Dots. I find they give a layout that certain extra! 

Here you have a closer look at the layout and can see how I built it. When I look at the layout, I immediately feel taken back to the forest. A wonderful autumn memory!

TOGETHER Paper Gather SF 25-05 I TOGETHER Journaling Cards I HERBARIUM Light Chipboard Elements I Stamp GO WILD (Nature) #95 I TOGETHER Transparent Stickers I TOGETHER 3D Sticker Set Dots

For my second inspiration, I HIGHLY wanted to use the TOGETHER Paper Memories SF 25-04.  This pattern, these colors - oh - I don't know why ... BUT when I saw this paper I knew immediately what I wanted to do with it!

I folded the paper randomly and taped it down. On top I glued white cardstock - also folded randomly. Before that I cut two circles into it. 

My daughter's photo fits this layout beautifully - just as I imagined! The sayings from the SIMPLE LIFE Color Stickers Set go perfectly with it!

In hindsight, I thought of having black sprinkles on the white cardstock. I'm telling you, it wasn't that easy to apply those sprinkles. I tried to cover everything, but it didn't work out so well. But still, I'm happy with how this layout looks now!

Here's a closer look at the folded elements and embellishments. The stamp NORDICA #127 fits great to my "retro" layout. 

TOGETHER Paper Memories SF 25-04 I TOGETHER Transparent Stickers I SIMPLE LIFE Color Stickers Set I Stamp NORDICA #127

I'm happy to inspire you with these layouts! Thanks for stopping by! Kerstin xx

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