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Hello you out there,

do you love winter as much as i do?
When the cold is prickling in your nose... your cheeks are getting red and your everything
feels so fresh and clear... and if there is snow - winter really gets me...

Every year one the first snowy day it feels a little like beeing child again....

So i thought i should honor winter with a layout and a card.
And of course with the great „Just Chillin“ Collection.

At first my layout.
Its a super quick and easy layout. The huge snowflake i bought at the silhouette store.
And the tiny snowflakes above the cute cozy houses (did i tell you that i love them?) are made woth white nailpolish...

This is the materiallist:
Cozy houses Stamp set
Paper JUST CHILLIN - planks / houses
papier JUST CHILLIN - sparkle / icerink
Cozy Winter - transparent stickers
Xmas Mood - pocket scrapbooking cards

And this is my card.
Classy in bright colors... like a snowy day.

Snuggle - stamp set # 80
Cozy houses- stamp set # 82
Xmas Mood - sticker set

xoxo, Stephanie

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