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Hello, scrapfriends! Irina is here.
Today I want to show you my new album. It is, of course, about the winter!

I specifically knitted a wool cover for this album. So very cozy and soft!

And the main element is confetti. I hid confetti several times in the whole album!

First of all I made such a cute bear with a shaker.  I poured confetti, as well as snowflakes and glitter in this bear! This is a completely unusual bear!

I also used an acetate sheet imitating confetti or peas.

I did a lot of interesting things for my album! For example, I cut out a deer from a paper and an  acetate.

And also I used my animal drawings! In this album settled in the end the hare and the bear!

Let's look through the album! All pages in this album are different sizes.

Here's confetti! This time I gathered confetti in a  transparent pocket!

In this album are photos of our winter.


Some photos already in it!

The album has many delimiters. For example,  acetate sheets, velum, pockets with confetti, cards for project life, paper napkins.

I am happy with my album and will gladly paste new winter photos into it.

Enjoy your creativity with Studio Forty!

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