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Hello, it is Jana here again. I hope you are having great summer and enjoying the nice weather.

Today’s post will be about a cute mini album. As soon as I received the happy mail with the
collection ‘Good Vibes’ I knew I wanted to use it for something special. In May, the grandparents
came to visit us, so I put together all the pictures we took and made this little mini album.

The size is 3x4. I wanted to do a harmonica style album, so I went for a small size to make the most
from the beautiful papers. I love how it looks full and bulky.

Since the string would clash with the title, I used a little piece of Velcro for the album to stay closed.

The cover is made from a PL card with beautiful watercolour lettering. I just added some
personalized words and a few enamel dots.

Apart from the harmonica system I decided to put together a little book. This is literally sewn into
the system. A tiny book with baby pictures.

The cover of the mini book is decorated with these stamps. To understand how the mini album is
composed then please watch the video at the end of this post.

A few details of the mini book. As embellishments I often use transparent stickers.

And here comes the harmonica.

Again, I used handwritten PL cards and transparent stickers. When the two strips of paper were to
be glued together I trimmed the blue one a bit and made a little pocket for even more pictures.

Here is the other side of the harmonica.

I needed to add dimension and make it nice and bulky. So that I could easily use the gorgeous

In between the harmonica and mini book there is a little pocket with another one-ring mini album. I
saw it in Paige Evans’ post and I had to try it as well.

Since I made the pocket a bit wider (by folding the sides) the album slides in it very easily.

All the lovely tags and memories.

I really enjoyed making this little thing. It was fun creating the pockets and other interactive
elements. I cannot wait to make more mini albums because... it is holiday time! The best opportunity
(and excuse) to make something small and adorable!


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