Lisa Borbely | Flower love in my TN

Hello! Lisa here with a simple page I did in my TN. I love to make patterns with stamps and this time I used the beautiful New beginning stamp set!

I usually stamp with my black ink for almost everything, but for this project I chose to use a light baby pink color. I thought that using a lighter color would work well for a softer pattern.

One of my favorite ways to use stamps is to repeat the same stamp over and over again, and that is exactly what I did here. When I stamp patterns I usually have a scrap paper under the paper where I am stamping so that I can stamp on the edges too. I really like it when not all the stamps are whole, but more offset.

I wanted this page to just be a simple one and I had no real story that I wanted to tell. Instead I looked for a quote about flowers that would go good with the rest of my page. Pinterest is my go to place for most inspiration and I had this one in my Words I love board. I wanted the stamped patterned paper to not be covered up too much, so I used a piece of vellum to type my quote on.

I love how soft this page came out! I think that if I had used a plain white paper for my text it would have made the whole page a bit more sharp.

Have a wonderful day!


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