Kitchen Tier Tray/Nicole Martel

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Good morning! Nicole here with a fun home decor project I created for my kitchen using the Cozy Time Collection. 

To begin this project, I painted the wooden blocks and pieces using acrylic paint and then cut down the patterned paper to fit as a nice backdrop for the blocks. Once the pieces were completely dry I used matte gel to glue down the pieces. 

I used the transparency stickers onto the roller. I just love it. Super simple to do and totally fun! You can hardly tell it's a sticker until you look closely. 

I painted this block white and then added a sticker strip and more clear stickers. I love how this piece turned out!

Here are a few more pieces. What do you think? Super cute, right!?

Grab a few pieces of papers and stickers today from the Cozy Time collection and make something beautiful for your kitchen!

Thanks so much for visiting today!

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