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Good Morning everyone,

hope you had a good start into the new week.

And because we all know, mondays aren't that easy - i wan't to make it a litte more colorful
and bright to you....

Today i wan't to show you a new layout i made with "Good Vibes" Stuff and a self made

For the background i put some stripes of Washitape onto watercolor paper an painted the
gaps with bright red color - matching to my shirt.
Because of the still wet paper, the washi tape wasn't that easy to remove and i peeled a little
of the paper with the broken lines happend... and i love the look...

GOOD VIBES paper - Sunny days / On the go
(for the frame - i only took a 2cm frame of the paper as you can see on the last picture)
GOOD VIBES Paper - Go Green / Life is good
"Relax" stamp set # 70
"Sending Smiles" - stamp set # 71
Fruits - pocket scrapbooking cards  (aren't they cute??????)
Nail polish,
Acrylic color
watercolor paper

Have a great week.

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